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10mm Glass Tiles
These are 10mm x 10mm vitreous glass and 4mm thick. They will not fade, they are heat and frost resistant and can be used indoors or out. There are two kinds - PREMIUM and REGULAR - and we have put them together to make colour comparisons easier.

Our PREMIUM tiles are made in Italy by Bisazza and are the finest in the world.
We sell them loose, by the kilo (about 1,400 tiles), the half kilo (about 700 tiles), the quarter kilo (about 350 tiles) or the 100g packet (about 140 tiles). Price shown is for 100g packet.
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Our REGULAR tiles, made in China, are a fully compatible and economic alternative to our Bisazza range - in some cases indistinguishable from them! Absolutely fantastic value, they are ideal for schools, community projects and classes.
We sell them in amounts equivalent to a full sheet (841 tiles), a third of a sheet (280 tiles) and one-sixth of a sheet (140 tiles). Price shown is for 140 tiles.
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